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The Puzzle of Motivation

  Thursday, January 5th, 2017

How do you stay motivated? 

We so often hear these words. We all are always looking for ways to motivate ourselves, motivate our children, our spouses, our teams; our lives are full of areas needing encouragement. We all experience moments and times in our lives where we feel motivated and times where we wish we could just get that extra jolt. For this new year full of goals and anticipation of what is ahead, here  are a few small ways to take the leap today.

  1. Start slow. So many times, myself included, we play the all or nothing game. Well it doesn’t have to be this way. We will never finish responding to fifty emails or ten voicemails if we can’t bother responding to one. Make small steps every day. It is remarkable how this discipline evolves our opportunities.
  2. Start now. No more excuses. Start RIGHT now and start slow. Do something this moment that is motivating you towards a goal. I mean it, stop reading and make an impact. You will thank yourself later. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you have a health goal, take that walk right now. If you have a work goal, make that first phone call. If you have a writing goal, put something on paper this moment. If you just aren’t sure, take 60 seconds right now to make one goal.
  3. Pavlov it. Pavlov is a famous psychologist remembered for his many experiments. One of his most famous revolved around dogs, bells, and specificity. Set specific times of the day to work on certain projects. Set your schedule and follow it, even when you don’t feel like it. Our routines will become automatic and the body and mind will respond.
  4. Positivity. Pretend. Pause. These 3 Ps sound simple but they can guide our daily life. Every morning, every thought, every experience, good or bad, remind yourself to focus on the positive; it is so much easier to see the negativity, but this positivity reframes our minds and how we see the world. Don’t feel like it? Here is a thought, pretend. Sooner or later, you will believe it and the pretending becomes a past time. The last P is the pause. Many times we feel overwhelmed with feelings, thoughts, schedules, life. Take a moment right now and pause with me. Breath in through your mouth and breath out through your stomach. Add this simple breathing exercise throughout your day.
  5. The Reward System. Set goals and deadlines, and reward yourself when you reach it. If things are not done on time, find a way to analyze and adjust. If you had set a reward, don’t accept that reward until the task at hand is complete. Remember, always stay grateful, embracing and sharing the mistakes and the successes. It is all part of our evolvement and growth.