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Love Yourself in Action

  Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Learn to love yourself more. Learn to love yourself more deeply.

In today’s society, this is becoming a more common phenomena. We have famous celebrities singing about it. We have belief systems created around it. We have people living their lives focused on “me” as the center. We say, “I will love myself and be happy when (fill in the blank.)” We have an expectation of what this is, we have conditions put on ourselves as to what this even looks like. But what does loving ourselves more deeply really mean? How can we love ourselves in action?

The root of self love stems from listening and learning from our bodies and our spirit.

Here are three ways to start loving yourself in action:

  1. Get emotionally honest. Let go of numbing out and pushing down those feelings. Let go of using outside things to make you happy like shopping, drinking, or eating. Decide to no longer avoid the discomfort, the pain, the sadness, and instead welcome it with open arms. We can breathe our way through the feelings, the emotions, and the pain. We can even breathe our way through the excitement, the change, and the laughter. It is all meant to be experienced. We are not perfect but every day, make the effort to feel.
  2. Become willing to surrender. Let go (period.) This can be a challenging goal to continue to work towards. The moment we think we have surrendered it; it somehow ends up back on our shoulders. Take 3 deep breaths, relax, and let go. We rarely see the whole picture so rather than fighting with ourselves, allow the intentions to happen. When we do surrender, it can be a freeing and life changing experience. It is surprisingly empowering.
  3. Be patient with yourself. Let go of fear and time. Loving oneself is not easy. We can become frustrated with ourselves when we couldn’t surrender, when we couldn’t feel, when we just wanted to give up. Let go of being so hard on yourself, of the urgency of everything, and have patience that it will all come together in the right time. Begin trusting in yourself, in your higher power, in good work, in your family, in your friends, and begin to see the results. Loving yourself is not a destination, it is a constant process of living and loving more.