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Understand Your Children

Spring Monthly Webinar: First Thursday in March, April, and May 

Why is my child out of control? Why do I feel so disconnected from my children?

  • Learn what is actually going on in the hard wiring of children’s brains.
  • Identify how this wiring impacts the way that we discipline and how children will respond.
  • Develop the skills to avoid the common mistakes that actually prevent children from being responsible and what you can do to remedy the problem.

Identify Your Buttons

Spring Monthly Webinar: First Tuesday in March, April, and May 

Have you felt stressed lately?

Many of us find ourselves juggling more than we can handle and there is less time to really take care of ourselves on a daily basis.

  • Learn the source of these buttons to reduce stress.
  • Identify the trigger points to prevent power struggles.
  • Develop the skills to reprogram your brain to delete the limiting beliefs and replace them with positive interactions.

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