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Do your beliefs limit you?

  Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

A belief is a feeling of certainty or acceptance that something is true. Beliefs create the maps that guide us towards our goals and give us the power to take action. We want to avoid limiting beliefs; our beliefs should empower us and drive us towards the life we want to live.

But where do these beliefs stem from?

The Past- We all create beliefs around our past successes, failures, and experiences. They impact us positively or negatively, causing us to form beliefs, often unconsciously. However, we do not need to be products of our environment. We can choose what we believe to be true. Focus on the positive results in order to believe its possible.

The Present- The more we learn and seek out knowledge, the more we can control our limiting beliefs and empower ourselves towards success. Seek out learning from others, be present for life events, and apply what you create to compel you to succeed.

The Future- Visualize it. Picture and prime yourself for success. Take a few minutes every day to truly feel the empowering beliefs and watch them happen.

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