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Discover the Power of Fun

  Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Discover the power of fun, the power of self-love, the power to relax, play, and create. Our fast-paced world shares a goal setting, competitive craziness that doesn’t always leave room for play. We can allow ourselves the room to grow and develop with the space to define our fun, to define our own joy, our own love. You may be asking yourself two questions: why and how?

Why have fun? The idea that cheerfulness is good medicine for the heart and mind has been around for centuries. There is actual empirical evidence that shows comedy, laughter, and happiness can be related to:

  • better health
  • enhanced teamwork
  • creativity
  • spontaneity
  • a better quality of life
  • academic achievement
  • positivity
  • increased satisfaction and performance

How can I have fun? One of my fun moments of self-love is physical activity. I enjoy the vibrancy of consistency to get and stay motivated, to make it a goal of enjoyment. I enjoy going for a run, a hike, or even a walk to chat and catch up with friends. What do you truly enjoy doing? What makes you feel good? What is fun to you? Many times this is where we get stuck. How do we lighten up and find what makes us happy?

Step One

If you are having a hard time thinking of things- don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The next day you want to have some fun- just start here. Pick one of the following to help get the day started and set an intention for the day:

Be Mindful
Mindfulness is the art of paying careful attention to the details of the present moment, without judgement. It is a simple and powerful practice to release anxiety, stress, and exhaustion. Mindfulness allows you to openly explore possibilities and use all your senses. Take 10 minutes today and complete a mindfulness meditation. Just sit and be present with yourself.

A focused and deliberate approach to daydreaming can be very effective. Consciously explore every avenue of your concern or situation to test the options and different perspectives. Challenge your problem or goal  by surrounding it to allow your subconscious to ponder. Let your mind wander and enjoy the time.

Have a laugh
A beneficial resource that is often overlooked to creativity and enjoyment is laughter. Numerous research studies have shown that laughter can reduce stress hormones in the body to increase happiness, creativity, and productivity. When in a jovial mental state, you’re more likely to come up with better, more creative ideas.

Doodling is more than mindless scribbling. In reality, it can be an effective way to stay engaged and process information. It has a profound effect on creative problem solving and information processing. Focus on what you want to solve or develop, clear your mind, and channel your inner creativity through drawing your ideas and feelings. Focus on the thoughts, facts, and solutions that your mind creates and see where your imagination takes you. This is the perfect tool for creative manifestation. At the end, you will have a structured doodle of your options and thoughts with the ability to make connections between your ideas.

Step Two

You are not done yet. Consider that the warm up. Everyone ranks differently in terms of strengths but we can all build any strength we focus on- that includes learning to have more fun. Fun can come in a variety of styles- spontaneity, expressiveness, creativity, playfulness, and silliness. Pick one of these to cultivate your personality.

Now write 4 examples of this trait. For example, if I chose spontaneity, I would write down:

SPONTANEOUS FUN is where I have no plan or schedule tracking of time.
SPONTANEOUS FUN is where I try something I have never tried before.
SPONTANEOUS FUN is where I meet someone or something new.
SPONTANEOUS FUN is where I get outside of my comfort zone.

Now pick something to try- take an improv class, drive up the coast to a new coffee or lunch spot, meet someone at the grocery store and start a conversation. Whatever it is, it is about the progress of completing tasks that revolve around you and your idea of fun.

Let’s share another example to be sure we all understand the process. If I chose playfulness, I would write down:

PLAYFUL FUN is where I appreciate beauty.
PLAYFUL FUN is where I can be by myself.
PLAYFUL FUN is where I am outdoors or looking at nature
PLAYFUL FUN is where I am relaxed.

Now pick something to try- walk along the ocean shore at sunrise or sunset, take a bubble bath, spend time with a pet, cuddle up with a movie or good book, or take a yoga class. Whatever it is, it is about the progress of completing tasks that revolve around you and your idea of fun.

Step Three

Whatever you choose to do for fun just remember, celebrate the inner strength and the power of well being that comes from allowing your body to experience the joy. I make fun a priority in my life because I am a priority in my life. Fun alleviates the monotony of life and gives us perspective. It provides us with moments of pleasure and meaning. Like Dr. Brow says, “the opposite of play isn’t work, it is depression.” Discover your power of fun and be sure to celebrate your progress.

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